Prelude to a Mad Wedding

Thoughts on organizing THE bulate wedding

Sunday, February 03, 2008

gargantuan pictures

I was sooo excited to check out our pictures right after the wedding but was sooo exhausted in checking them out. So we finally called Ariel J.'s office to ask for the availability of the pictures. We got our hands on the CDs (there were 15 of them) on the evening of Jan 31st and received instructions from Ms. Grace on what we need to deliver next for them to proceed in the creation of our album, video and all others. My first question was "When's the deadline?" and was glad to find out we don't have one. It takes a month for the studio to finish their deliverables after we deliver the requirements. I wonder how long will it take us to choose 250 pictures from 2500++

marriage certificate

11 days after our wedding, our wedding certificate arrived in our office thru LBC. I was so relieved when I saw the package waiting on my office desk last jan. 31st. It was like a load off my shoulders because I wanted to start processing our change of status as soon as I can (I sooo wanted an additional reprieve on my taxes!). Bert was scheduled to leave for Japan on Feb 3 and I was hurrying up all paperwork while he can still sign them all.

So anyway, I checked out on things that needed to be updated after a wedding. So far, here's my list:

Bank accounts
Driver's License

And there are more to come.. I heard from an officemate that when you give birth to your child within a year of your marriage, the same volume of paperwork needs to be processed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Post wedding errands

Do you actually think your work is done after the wedding ceremony? Of course not!

First, you're supposed to go on the honeymoon next. But of course not! We DO NOT have a honeymoon trip planned. Or so we had a plan but we weren't able to book anything so, it's just too bad for both of us.

So what have I been doing since the wedding day?
I slept and slept for 2 days. I was soooo tired I felt I needed all the rest I can get.

And then, I took my husband's suit to the cleaners.

And then, I took my gown and accessories to my supplier for cleaning, repairs and preservation. (yes, repairs. my strap snapped off after returning to the hotel for our rest.) And cleaning, of course, because it rained on my wedding day, so the trails on my gowns were all mud stains and grass stains. My handbag has a few makeup stains, my 10 kilometer veil has makeup stains. My shoes has mud stains. Everything had stains!

I was just wondering what on earth am I going to do with my wedding gown now that I'm done with it. Maybe I'll wear it again on my 25th wedding anniversary! hahaaha!

And then tomorrow, we get to drive back to town again for some banking errands.

And then, maybe, I have to call the church and ask how on earth am I going to get my marriage certificate. I need that document to be able to change my status on all other agencies. BIR forms, bank forms, SSS, etc. etc.

and now what? oh yes. We are supposed to visit my husband's relatives for the second wedding party at Marikina.

And then, I go off on Sunday for the christening of my dear friend Tintin's little angel. I get to be his godmother.. hehehe! I hope they know what they're doing.

And yes, I still need to gather pictures from friends and start creating thank you cards for the gifts that we received, and for the guests who came to witness our special day.

No more preludes

No more preludes to talk about. My job is done!

We made it through the ceremony, only minor mishaps, I enjoyed my wedding day!

But of course, here are a few stressful things that happened before my big day:
1. I got sick 2 weeks before my wedding. I had high fever for 3 days, and my gums were swelling. I had diarrhea and I don't know why. Thank God I didn't get the flu.

2. 1 day before our prenuptial pictorials, I didn't have a dress to wear. I had to drag Pogs to shop with us at MOA.

3. 5 days before the wedding, my shoes does not fit.

4. 3 days before the wedding, my shoes still won't fit.

5. 1 day before the wedding, pedicure and manicure services at Taal Vista were fully booked. We ended up having foot spa instead.

6. 1 day before the wedding, the water tank in our village conked out, we didn't have water supply for the whole wedding weekend at home (2 days after the wedding, we still don't have tap water. I am bathing in mineral water! gosh!). I was lucky to check in on the hotel that day!

7. 1 day before the wedding, we had a problem with the groom's room accomodation. Photo shoot schedule had to move up 1 hour because they had to check out!

8. 2 days before the wedding, we still don't know what to do with the van I rented because nobody seems to be needing the vehicle anymore. Luckily, the groom needed the transportation at the last minute. hahaha!

9. 1 Day before the wedding, I am still receiving cancellation of my guests. :(

10. 1 day before and until the wedding, it rained. :(

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monthly Report..

I finally got around to completing 21 of the souvenirs. Around 60 more to go.. I target to complete everything by the end of June, including the wrappings. I still have around 60 - 70 more to go. I only hope to make around 80 items of these only, but I'm not sure. I may have more guests than expected. I'll let you know what I finish soon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To guest sheet or not to guest sheet

Okay, what have I been doing these past 2 months?

1. Invitation
We decided on a DIY invitation to cut costs and of course, to utilize the very simple and elegant designs here in Japan. We completed the first insert (attached here) and we are still pondering on what to do with the other inserts: Entourage, Reception details (map) and something else.

2. Wedding favors
I'm almost done with the trinkets but I still need time for the embroideries. I was thinking of embroidering our names as a charm for the trinkets but it just takes a lot of time to complete the stitches. I just don't have the heart to let someone else do the embroidery as I feel uncomfortable of not finishing something I have started.
Packaging for the wedding favors are also very important to me, so I shopped for beautiful packaging stuff. It is really, really very advantageous to utilize the many, many, many choices for packaging here in Japan, things we cannot find easily and cheaply back home in the Philippines. I'll include a picture of the products when I complete them.

3. Guest Sheets
Tins suggested the guest sheets last night and I thought it was a very, very good idea (Thanks tin! mwahh!). But after a short chat with the other bulate, it would be redundant to have our guests fill up a guest sheet because of the presence of the guest book. But I just loved the idea soooo much we decided to do the same thing as what my friend Yukie did on her wedding party: shoot a polaroid picture of the guest and have the guest write some personal message below the picture. I'll have to think more about this. I checked for instant cameras and they are not expensive at all. It won't be much of a dent on our budget even if we decide to drop this idea later on.

4. Theme: we decided on the clover theme (obvious with our invite) and expect our stationaries with clovers.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Progress Report

Okay, so what have I done the past month? I went home briefly to attend my high school friend Tintin's Wedding.. and on the process, I went sleuthing on how her suppliers worked. I loved, loved, loved her flowers (Teddy Manuel) and her coordinators from Just Like Ours were a fun bunch. I was also able to manage observing how the Ariel Javelosa photo and video team worked and was satisfied. I never told them I hired them too for my own wedding.

Well, okay. I loved the wedding but I as a bridesmaid, I really didn't think bridesmaids have such significant roles on the wedding. I mean, okay, its great on the picture, but do I really need one?

I had to convince myself because I can't afford to dress bridesmaids anymore after arranging my sponsors' and mothers' dresses at Paul's hands.

So anyway.. what did I accomplish? I was able to get myself a coordinator and a smashing entertainer to sing and host the reception in the form of Paulo Clemente with Cesar Aglipay of Angels Wink Productions.

And then, I got myself a bridal car on the hands of Robert Bautista's bridal cars and was lucky enought to be able to meet his adorable 4 month old dobberman, hehehehe!

Oh, and we already accomplished my hubby-to-be's suit for the wedding. We had it custom made at yuzawaya and it was done very, very nicely.

I'm still working on my hair and makeup artist. I still haven't found a worthy florist!!!

We scanned yuzawaya today for paper for the misalette and we decided on pretty good papers and color combination. Then we proceeded to check on nice binders that would go with it. Idea is already there but we decided to buy the paper and the binder later as we don't really need them yet.

I really, really need to catch up on my embroidery, need to find a nice packaging for the giveaways, look for gifts for the secondary sponsors and worthy suppliers, we have to look for a good wine and of course, the souvenirs.. I have to complete them soon!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is a sketch of my wedding gown by Veluz last 12/28.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

stitching an itch

I began itching with my needlework. The picture was taken very, very close up as I could barely see the holes of the fabric while I was stitching these. This was my 3rd attempt. 1st attempt: wrong strategy with the fabric. 2nd attempt: wrong thread used. 3rd attempt: see picture above.

It took me an hour to finish that (plus some commercial chores in the middle hehehe) . I don't know if all the words I wanted to sew would fit on the tiny piece of fabric but I'll let you know. I will also experiment on other thread colors and borders as well.

Good luck to me and I hope to finish everything by august.

ps. I ordered some bead parts today, good for around 40 trinkets. I'll try to make them and see if I'll have better luck. I hope everything will be done befoe I go back home for good.
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